The one-stop solution for internationals in Australia

Your one-stop solution for all your international needs!

iDibs is for all internationals in Australia: Students, Temporary Residents and Permanent Residents. From essential services (Moving + Post-rental Cleaning) to Migration and even Job readiness, we are here for you every step of the way!

Our services include:

Why iDibs?

We Understand you

As internationals ourselves, we know exactly what you need. Our services are tailored to your needs!


Peer-rating system

Our service providers are reviewed by fellow internationals to help you make more a informed decision.


All in one place

Everything you need is at your fingertips. You got 99 problems, but Dibs ain't one!


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Meet the Dibs team!


Thai: The Hacker

Role: I.T.
Background: Vietnam
Interests:  Judo + Gym

Hao: The Hustler

Role: Business Development (English)
Background: Singapore
Interests: Muay Thai + Guitar

LIN: The Hipster

Role: Business Development (Mandarin)
Background: China
Interests: Cycling + Reading