The iDibs Team


Business Development

Of a finance background, Hao studied I.T. to expand his skills and knowledge to know more about the fin-tech space. During his free time, if any, he practices the guitar, Muay Thai or just enjoys the occasional dog-spotting.

Other Fun facts:

  1. He is a value growth investor with a passion for international shares.
  2. He trained dogs in the Singaporean military.
  3. He represented the Singapore Karate national team for 9 years. 



Thai started a love-hate relationship with programming (More of hate in the beginning) in high school. One day, everything clicked and Thai has been coding everyday for the last 15 years.  

He has worked in Vietnam as a team leader/software engineer with more than 7 years of working experience.

Other Fun facts:

  1. Coffee Addict (To support his intensive coding)
  2. Weight Lifting 
  3. Martial Arts: Judo



Product Development

Linhan started as a typical Chinese student coming to Australia for overseas study. His journey to become an atypical Chinese student began when he met Hao. 

Linhan is a quick and keen learner and is passionate about improving the lives of international students. He handles both the operations in Wechat and also the accounting needs of Dibs.
Back in China, he was an avid cyclist riding from Dali to Tibet. Nowadays, he still cycles... but on the exercise bike in the gym. Close enough.

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