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Job Readiness

Getting an internship is HARD, and getting a job is HARDER! Now imagine if you are an international. Oh wait you are?  Well.. It's going to be tough, but not to worry! Dibs aligns with service providers who will guide you through to getting a job opportunity in Australia!!

Migration + Education Services

Need good migration advice to know what your options are if you wish to stay beyond your studies? Most would ask a friend, who would recommend an agent like recommending a brunch place or based on the best price.
Not exactly the best way to do it as wrong advice can result in deportation.
Dibs brings together a group of experienced and like-minded agents onto the platform. Your peers would rate these agents subsequently and you will know at a glance if they are qualified with our star rating systems! 

Moving Service

A hassle especially if you are renting your home! Who knows if the provider charges cheap but adds "Hidden Fees" later?
Dibs has loads of affordable transport providers which are all FULLY INSURED! 
Small Moves, Big Moves?
Know what you pay for and shift your home easily with a smile! 

Post Rental Cleaning

Cleaners as clean as their track record!
Get affordable prices and pay for only what you need cleaned!
If it's not clean enough, they will be back to clean and ensure you get your bond back*! 

* Depends on the service provider

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Want to have the satisfaction of helping others?
Volunteering is a fantastic way to learn about local culture, build your network, get local hands-on experience and be recognised for your contribution (Ahem. Add to your C.V. and work experience)

FREE Services

Did that get your attention? 
Yes, you read that right!
iDibs is bringing together all the free resources which you can tap on!

#1 solution for internationals in Australia!

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