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 CCL Training Program

Training Program to get your CCL language translation certificate! 

Introduction of Service

Carlton Digital Education

Service Provider Details

Our programs are based on the principle of practical training in simulated environments to give students a feel for the real CCL test. We are professional educators who are passionate about creating a learning environment focused on individual learners’ needs on NAATI CCL.

Program Overview

We offer group sessions and private classes for NAATI CCL programs.

Languages: Bahasa, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese.

  • Provide specialised training in the fields of NAATI CCL
  • Customised learning support according to your needs
  • Experienced and Qualified NAATI Trainers
  • Customised student-centric mentor program for NAATI CCL students

Program Outline

NAATI Classes

Our NAATI CCL classes run once a week for 2 months period. If you need intensive classes, you can join our private class.

Access of materials

All materials will be shared online.

Program FAQ's

  • How long do I need to study to clear my exam?

    Most students achieve their desired scores within 2 months. If you join our class regularly, you can be rest assured to get your desired results.



  • How often is the NAATI CCL class and when can I join?

    We run our NAATI CCL class once a week.
    Once you have made the first payment, our admin team will contact you and book you in for your first class.

Platform Guarantee

iDIbs will not charge any extra cost from any service purchase via our platform and your payment will be protected by our refund policy according to different services.


Consulting Booking

Do you know you can chat with us via the Chatbot on the right directly!
Also, you can book a 15-minutes online consultation with us via the link below.

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