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PTE/CCL Training

PTE Academic and NAATI CCL training offers the best coaching classes, mock test & tutorials for those who want to achieve their desired scores in less time. Offerings include remote and flexible online learning in the form of lesson plans for your convenience.

 PTE/CCL Providers

Carlton Digital Education

Test of English)

Carlton Digital Education

Community Language)

Why should I get a PTE/CCL Training?

Most importantly, it is to save you money and time.
CCL and PTE tests can cost hundreds of dollars each time. Taking it, again and again, can be costly and frustrating. 
It would be good to do some training if you: 

  • are planning to apply for your Australian PR/TR Visa and need a score Band of 6.0
  • are applying for 485 Visa and need a score Band of 6.0
  • are applying for your Skill Assessment in Australia and need a score Band of 6.0
  • are applying for nursing/teaching/social work registration and need a score band of 7.0
  • need 20 points for your PR with a score band of 7.9

What Can I Achieve


  • Experienced and Qualified educators
  • Understanding the norms of different languages learning English


  • Customised learning support according to your needs, to understand the key points in your performance


  • Personalised session prior to the test

  • One on One session and feedback

Suitable For Whom


Starting to apply for a Temporary Resident (subclass 485) or a Permanent Resident visa? Do it once and do it well! 

Young Job Seekers

Language requirements for some jobs? You might need this to apply to some industries.

Uni Students

Start to prepare before you graduate so that you can focus full-time on job seeking rather than collecting P.R. points!


How long do I need to study to clear my exam?
  • Most students achieved their desired scores within 1-2 months, if you join classes 6 days a week, you can get your desired results in less time.
When can I join the PTE class?
  • Once you made a payment, on the following day, your trainer will contact you for analysis session, and then you will receive the links for your online class.

Can I still join the unlimited PTE class after a month?
  • Yes, you can. Do contact the admin for the service provider and pay the remaining fee for the 1-year unlimited program.

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