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Training Programs

These courses are designed as complementary subjects to the units you learn in your university degree. Some of them provide practical cases and projects that can be added as relevant experience in your resume.

Training Course Providers:

Drake Training

Drake Training Courses
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Quinlan Consulting Mentor Programme

Accounting training and
work experience

Infinity Coaching


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Why should I get a Training Course?

Training courses will add a competitive edge to your performance during interviews. Technical questions are often difficult for someone who has no relevant experience in the field. Knowing how to apply your knowledge in practical situations will show that you are truly passionate about the role and have taken a further step in learning deeper about the industry.

What Can I Achieve


  • This certificate can be attached to your LinkedIn profile or mentioned in your resume.


  • These courses are loaded with projects that can help you gain hands-on experience in a specific topic.


  • Teaching staffs are professionals in their field of study and they are able to share their knowledge from the field with you.

Suitable For Whom

Uni Students

These courses are perfect for those of you that are still studying. Feel free to enrol when you have time or during your semester breaks! Taking an additional course will definitely help you gain more relevant knowledge of your studies and a highlight in your resume.

Young Job Seekers

Looking for a job and realising a mismatch in the skills required? Go ahead and enrol in one of these courses to earn the certificate. It should be a quick fix right before you submit your application.

Transitioning to a New Career

Feeling in need of a personal upgrade? Or thinking of transitioning to a new industry? Have a go at one of these courses that interest you and see if it suits


How will the courses be conducted?

It depends on each provider. Some courses are available online, while the others are face to face. Some can be done in self-pace mode, while others have a fixed schedule.

What is the difference between an online course and a boot camp?

An online course is a subject that is more based on the theory and practice of a specific topic. A boot camp is a more intensive class that is focused on a comprehensive topic.
For example, the online course’s teaching system is similar to lectures and tutorials, whereas the boot camp is more similar to a workshop.

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