Career Success Australia Premium Internship Program

Career Success Australia

Internship Program

Career Success Australia Premium Internship Program

Introduction of Service

Career Success Australia

Premium Internship Program


Service Provider Details

Recommended by Victorian Government as a career and employment service provider for International Students and Skilled Migrants. Career Success Australia (CSA) has successfully helped more than 3,000 international students and skilled migrants secure employment.

The career coaching team has a total combined of more than 50 years of corporate experience in Australia with extensive networks in a diverse range of sectors such as IT, Finance, Engineering, and Accounting. CSA has deep connections with more than 500 companies throughout Australia which makes it easier for you in securing an internship or a job.

More than 60% clients were hired by their host or other companies within 3 months after completing their internship

Program Overview

Premium internship: Consultation and training including creating new resume, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation  + 12 weeks internship

Other Details

The premium internship is an internship placement structured to specifically provide relevant working experience that can be completed during the course of studies (check with your course coordinator if this can be applicable to your degree) or if you are looking to join a new industry and want to have experience in the job market.

Program Outline

Internship Preparation

Get prepared for an interview with a brand new resume and LinkedIn profile.

Host Company Sourcing

Apply what you have learn in interviews with suitable host companies in preferred industry.

Placement confirmation

Finalising and confirmation of internship with you and the host company.

Ongoing Support

Always here to help to ensure you get the right experience you need.

Optional Coaching

Additional training to sharpen your skills to prepare for your next job opportunity (Extra cost applied).


  • How will this program start?

    Following the payment, you will receive a course registration form from iDibs. A meeting will then be arranged between you and the tutor from Career Success Australia (can be online or physical) within 3 business days to guide you through the program.

  • What are the internship positions I will be placed in?

    You will be placed in an internship which is relevant to your study or any other industry you are planning to move into which are suitable for your level.


  • Do I have to pay all in one go or can I pay by installments?

    Great news! You do not have to pay all at once, our payment is done in 3 steps as shown below.  

    Payment schedule (Prices exclusive of GST)*

    • $595 upfront (new resume, interview training, LinkedIn profile and company sourcing)
    • $1500* due when you’re placed (after your interview)
    • $99* internship insurance fee due when placed ($8.25/week x 12 weeks). This fee is in addition to the fees listed above.

Platform Guarantee

iDIbs will not charge any extra cost from any service purchase via our platform and your payment will be protected by our refund policy according to different services.



Accounting Graduate

Without the help of ACECIS I would not have gotten a job as an accounting graduate. They helped me from day 1. I am always grateful for the tips and support. Best company to join for career guidance.

Consulting Booking

Do you know you can chat with us via the Chatbot on the right directly!
Also, you can book a 15-minutes online consultation with us via the link below.

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