Internship Programs

Internship Programs

An internship program is a voluntary non-paid training period whereby students get to work and learn in a professional environment for a time period (14-16 weeks). It is one of the most important steps in starting your career journey as it gives you the initial work experience.
As an international, finding an internship could be challenging and frustrating hence an internship program is another pathway for you. Our trusted provider guarantees you an internship placement and helps you build your competence.

Internship Programs

Work Readiness Program

Work Integrated Learning

Career Success Australia

Premium Internship Program

Why Take an Internship Program?

Why Take an Internship Program?

Doing an internship program could be a more suitable option for many international students as most companies are willing to support you guys . You will learn the relevant skills, knowledge and show that you have worked in a related field, applying both theory and practical knowledge. On top of that, you will be gaining valuable connections that can help kickstart your career - wherever it may be! Australia, or even back home

What Can I Achieve


  • 100% Guaranteed 12-week internship.

  • 1-on-1 workshops to assist resume writing and interview preparation.


  • Priority access to networking events
    and seminars organized by
    service providers.


  • More than 60% of our candidates
    landed a job after completing
    the program.

Suitable For Whom

Uni Students

Recommend for students and especially for the ones in their 2nd year and onwards to help you be prepared for the workforce after graduation. Also, the internship program can be credited to your university course (Check with your course advisor).


Gain more work experience and implement your skills and knowledge in the same field of study. Better get fully prepared before going after the real deal!

Young Job Seekers

Internships can help you adapt smoothly to the local corporate culture or try on a different working environment from your previous industry experience. An internship also helps you confirm what your job will be like for your field of study.


When is best to apply for an internship program?

It depends on what stage of your degree you are currently enrolled in.
If you’re a 1st year student, Congratulations! You’re ahead of your peers.  Go ahead and apply for any relevant internship when you’re ready or during your semester breaks.

For 2nd and 3rd year students, it is good to get internships as you are getting closer to your graduation. Make sure you choose a time when you’re ready to commit for the program and have a great mix of experience by joining student club boards, case competitions, etc. It would be a dream for everyone to land a job before they graduate.

For graduates who didn’t manage to get much local working experience during university and want to catch up with your peers quickly, doing an internship program ASAP would be a good option to prepare yourself for further job application.

How long will the internship program be?

It depends on the program you choose. Mostly for international students with a cap of working 20 hours per week are required to work for minimum 3 days. The program will last from 14-16 weeks, which consist 2-4 weeks of skill training and interview preparation, continued with a 12-weeks internship placement.

Why should I pay for an internship program?

You don’t have to! There’s a lot of internship opportunities listed in job seeking websites even in universities. However, if you happen to be facing difficulties in landing on a position at this stage, an internship program would be a great solution as it will provide you with the necessary training and skills needed for that dream job.

With the providers listed in iDibs platform, you are guaranteed 100% relevant industry experience and additional career coaching program in your package.

A great internship experience is like living with a new family. You will end it by having an understanding of their culture, bring back new skills, and a list of contacts of people that you will keep in touch to ask for favors in the future. If none of those boxes are tick, then unfortunately you just wasted your internship.

By selecting our partners, we promise you that you will receive excellent service and the value equivalent to what you pay for.

Are there any additional benefits?

Yes, there are! The program provider will be giving on-going support for you during your internship placement and you will also be invited to their events such networking, fireside talk, etc.

Also, by enrolling through iDibs, you can enjoy the perks provided by our platform! You will be the ones to call first dibs on the job positions released by us; you will also get the first-hand information and discounted tickets to access all kinds of events we are running with our partners and enjoy discounts for other services available on the iDibs platform!

What’s the difference between university’s internship program (Work Integrated Learning) and iDibs’ internship program providers?

The Work Integrated Learning program on our platform are also recognized by most of the education providers in Victoria. (Please check with your education provider) This means you can gain course credits by doing this program the same as you join the one via your university.

By enrolling the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program via iDibs platform, you would enjoy a peaceful mind of starting the program in time like you planned as our providers will guarantee the internship placement and update you in a responsive manner. The WIL program via iDibs in is guaranteed to be placed in the industry of your choice.

Is the internship program unpaid or paid?

This Internship program is a pathway for you to learn about essential working skills and gain relevant working experience through 100% guaranteed placement. Hence, it is usually an unpaid position because the remuneration cost from the host company goes to provide training and coaching for you to develop your employability skills. Luckily, some of the host companies might still be willing to provide a small amount of allowances such as for travel expenses.
The highlight of this program is to give you a chance to prove to the host manager that you are worth hiring. We do have candidates who end up joining the host company as paid employees during or just after the program!

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