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Career Coaching Program

Drake Career Accelerator program

Drake Career Accelerator Program

69 years and counting, Drake International is a Global MNC spanning 12 Countries, specialising in H.R. and Recruitment.

The Drake Career Accelerator Program is a series of consultations provided by Drake Recruitment specialists to help young and ambitious career seekers, like you, unlock your full potential. The Drake team consists of specialised recruiters who hire across multiple industries such as Engineering, I.T., Education, Finance, Government and many more.

This program will cover all aspects of the job-hunting process, from the initial job application process, all the way to the eventual hiring process.


Drake Career Accelerator Program

Program Outline

  • Features Subscription Standard Premium
    Job Ad Newsletter
    Resume/ CV Check
    Cover Letter Check
    Job Application Reviews 1 3x 5x
    Other Career Advice:
    - Industry Insights
    - Networking Tips
    1  2x 2x
    Interview Practice
    +1 Mock Phone Call Interview    
    +1 Mock Video Interview    
    P3 Test   + Review
    Job Seeker Benefits      
    Job Ad Newsletter
    Certificate of Completion
    LinkedIn Recommendation  
    Number of Sessions 4 10 14
    Session Length 30 mins 30 min 30 min
    Contract Length Monthly 3 Months 3 Months
      $349 $799 $999



Program Overview

Subscription Package (4 sessions in 1 month)

This program is suitable for second and final year students or fresh graduates.

Here you can book 4 sessions/ month for consultations on any topic of your choosing, from resume reviews to interview practice (check out the full list of topics in our Program Outline).

Standard Package (8 sessions in 3 months)

This program is suitable for young job seekers and young professionals looking for a job or a change in the field of work.

Here you will have access to further in-depth training and guidance on how to tailor your job application documents and how to prepare for interviews.

You will also receive industry insights from an H.R. recruiter specialised in your respective field of study.

Premium Package (12 sessions in 3 months)

This program is suitable for serious job seekers, fresh graduates and young professionals looking for a job or a change in their field of work.

The Premium Package provides incredible and unprecedented value. It includes all the features of our Standard Package, but also the Drake International P3 Personality Test that’ll quantify your strengths and bring value in the eyes of a recruiter. On top of that, you’ll be guaranteed hands-on guidance on your job application journey.

Program FAQs

  • How will this program be conducted?

    You will begin with a consultation with one of our team members to determine which package will provide you with the best results. We will assess your enrollment based on your experience in job search and the quality of your documentation. Afterwards, our team from Drake International will set up 1-on-1 discussions with you to brush up your documents and confidence in applying for your next job ads.

  • Who are these recruiters and which industries do they come from?

    Andrea Marlan is the leader of Drake International’s National Solutions team. She has over 20 years of experience in recruitment. Some of her notable work include global companies such as NAB, Accenture and Oracle.

    Tazmayn is Drake International’s Wellness Consultant. She has over 10 years of experience in recruitment. Taz facilitates Drake International’s Outplacement services, using a holistic approach to support, coach and offer practical tools to employees going through the redundancy and job-seeking process.

    Both our Senior Recruiters will be most involved in your job application journey. However, there are more Industry-Specific professionals available to address your Industry Insight Questions/Discussions. You can choose from any of these following industries: business, marketing, IT, communication, engineering, education, finance, health and many more!


  • Apart from the one on one coaching session, what other benefits do I receive from Drake Career Accelerator Program?

    View our program outline to look up all the benefits, features, and perks you get! The program is tailored to ensure that with every step you take forward, you get competitive advantages that’ll set you apart and pave a confident path towards your career.

    After completing the program, each student will receive a personalised Certificate of Completion, and for users of our Standard and Premium package, you will also receive a personalized LinkedIn review from the recruiter as an endorsement for you to their networks.

  • Will this program guarantee you a career?

    No one can guarantee you a job and neither can we. However, we will provide you with thorough hands-on guidance from your application to the interview stage to guarantee the best chance you have in securing that job. You will not go through this process alone. Having the guidance from senior experts increases your chances exponentially as it’ll give you valuable Insights and Knowledge on the recruitment process in companies across multiple industries and ones specific to you. The subscription option is available for your choosing so that you’ll be able to have access to continuous support from our team until you land a job.


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