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Career Coaching Program

A career coach is an industry professional that knows all the nitty-gritty of landing a job in their field of specialty. These people have many years of experience in training job seekers to improve their confidence and chances of getting hired. 

iDibs goal is to empower international students. And there is nothing more empowering than calling dibs on a boost in your professional image and employability skills from our best and most trusted career coaching program providers. 

Why should I get a Career Coaching Program?

Infinity Coaching

VIP Program


Career Success Australia

Career Coaching


Drake Career Accelerator Program

Why should I get a Career Coaching Program?

iDibs understands that the job application process can be quite daunting as the market is highly competitive and international students are often disadvantaged for not having a permanent residency/ citizenship status.

Getting a Career Coaching Program can help you receive more insights about the field of your passion and overcome the barriers that internationals often find discouraging. These coaches will also support your application journey by providing detailed review and feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. They will also train you in answering interview questions, networking with the hiring managers, and all other tips and tricks to win a recruiter’s heart.

What Can I Achieve


  • Experienced Coaches among various industries with decades of experiences amongst them


  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your situation


  • Invitation to exclusive monthly workshop and networking events

Suitable For Whom

Uni Students

This opportunity is perfect for final year students. Career Coaching Programs are designed for highly motivated students that are determined to land a job right after graduation.

Fresh Graduates

It’s never too late to build your professional profile! Build up your confidence through tailored training and relevant connections to be ready in applying for the next graduate program.


Can I get a professional career without a PR visa in Australia as an international student?

Yes, definitely! There are plenty of roles that do not require PR status in Australia.  As long as you have a valid visa, which allows you to have full working rights and the remaining time on your visa can properly cover the whole term of the offer, you will be eligible to apply for that position.

Is it possible to land in a job without a career coach?

Of course, there are many ways you can try to get yourself a job. Career coaches are only available as an aid to boost your chances. 

 Successful people always have inspiring and encouraging mentors. Having a career coach will motivate you to work harder and strategize your efforts to achieve your career goals efficiently and effectively.

Will having a career coach guarantee me a job?

No, the only person that can guarantee you a job is yourself. In order to succeed, you must be actively involved and disciplined in the job-seeking process. 

Career coaches are industry professionals that are paid to provide you insights about what it’s like to work in that field. You will learn more about terminologies and systems that are used in their jobs and familiarize yourself with commonly asked interview questions. Hence, you will gain a competitive edge of deeper practical understanding of the job you’re applying for and prepare better answers for technical and behavioural questions.

#1 Solution For Internationals in Australia!

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