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What is IDibs?

iDibs is a one-stop solution for internationals in Australia. We get you the RIGHT INFO + DIRECT SOLUTIONS for you to live well and thrive during your stay in Australia. Find out more!

What does idibs mean?

The “I“ stands for international. Dibs is the verb used to stake your claim on anything!
We want you to be able call dibs on what you need, in a quick and affordable manner!

Do I pay more if i use the idibs platform?

Definitely NOT! iDibs does not add on a service fee to the amount you pay any service provider.

How much does it cost to use the Dibs platform?

iDibs is a free platform for information, you only need to pay for services you use!
(E.g. If you’re using a service, the service provider needs to be paid for their hard work and skill!)

How long will Dibs take to respond?

Great question!  We will get back to your queries within 12 hours! 
Our Chatbot and Facebook is the best way to contact us!
If urgent, do leave your details and we will get back to you ASAP!


How legitimate are Dibs’ service providers?

Here at iDibs, we only select the best service providers that are ethical and use best practices to ensure top quality service for our customers.

Service providers looking to work with Dibs first go through a due diligence process where customer feedback is given top priority. A rating system will be implemented in the near future where ratings will actively reflect the customer’s interactions with the service providers, preserving the integrity of the ratings.
If you have used one of our service providers before, do give us feedback too after your have used their services so that we can update our information about the service providers!

Does dibs run any events for the international community?

We do! Our aim is to grow the community of internationals in Australia by hosting and sponsoring events of all kinds. Contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can collaborate!


can iDibs actually help me find a job or internship?

We work alongside organisations which strive to connect internationals with career opportunities and improve their employability in Australia. No one will ever guarantee a job, but we do have providers which can guarantee an internship which can lead to a job.

What does Job readiness mean?

Job readiness is the bridge for the gap between studies and getting a job. iDibs founders faced that issue too and that is why they found the solutions to share with fellow internationals!

can i use idibs in other cities in australia? 

We are only operating in Melbourne at the moment, but we are definitely looking to help internationals in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania and Brisbane in the near future!


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