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Career Success Australia

 Career Coaching Program

Struggling to find a job on your own?
Career Success Australia’s Career Coaching Program can help you every step along the way.

Introduction of Service

Career Success Australia

Career Coaching Program

Service Provider Details

As a Victorian Government recommended Careers and Employment services provider, Career Success Australia has helped 3000+ job seekers secure employment across Australia since 2014.

The team at Career Success Australia understand the particular challenges in finding a job if you don’t have PR or local experience. Book a consultation today to receive your career assessment and a customised solution to help you get a job!

Program Overview

The Career Coaching Program is quality guaranteed.
As a part of the coaching program, you will receive customised one-to-one support on:

  • Master Resume & Cover Letter preparation
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Job application reviews and customization
  • Job interview preparation and training
  • Networking tactics and access to the hidden job market

You can also choose to do an internship as a back-up option if you don’t have any local experience.
98% of Career Success Australia’s career coaching clients received a job offer upon completing the program.

Courses and what it entails

Program Outline

Master Career Profile Preparation

Your career coach will help you create your brand-new Master Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile that summarises all your skills and experiences.

Customised Job Applications

When your Master Profiles are complete, we will help you customise each one of your job applications to help you get interview opportunities.

Interview Training

You will attend several one-to-one interview training sessions, which will help you become confident and competent when attending an interview.

Networking Tactics

You will receive bonus networking tactics on how to establish industry connections that can generate recruiter calls and job offers.

Optional Internship

If you do not have any industry-relevant local experience, and if that is preventing you from getting a job offer, you can choose to do an internship at a discount rate.


  • How will this program be conducted?

    After enrolment, you will have a career coaching strategy meeting with your Career Coach to build your job strategy plan. You will receive one-to-one Career Coaching support delivered via a combination of face to face, phone and email support.

  • How will this program help me secure a job position?

    By joining the program, you will get access to a team of expert Career Coaches who will help you customise your job applications, find jobs in the hidden job market, network with recruiters and companies direct and prepare for job interviews. Your Career Coach will be guiding you each step of the way to reach a job offer.

  • Can this program help me prepare for a graduate program application?

    Absolutely! This program helps to prepare you for any employment position that you want to target. Graduate programs are definitely included! Career Success Australia will help you look for those companies which open their doors to international students and they will help boost your chances of getting through to the job interview and offer stage.  

  • How to make the best use of my time during the support period and boost my employability chances?

    While you are working through the Career Coaching program, and focussing on getting job interviews, the Career Success Australia Internship Placement team will also start finding suitable internships for you as a back up (if you need more local experience). Depending on your progress, we will either place you on an internship or continue Career Coaching and keep your internship as a backup if we are on track to helping you get a job in your field. 

    With Unlimited Career Coaching, we will continue supporting you, during and after your internship until you receive a job offer. 


  • Who are the coaches and which industries do they come from?

    The Career Coaching team have a combined of more than 50 years of experience in Australian corporate companies and links to more than 500 companies in Australia which means your chances of getting employment are high.

  • What’s the difference between the Standard, Premium, Unlimited package, and getting help from my university?

    All 3 packages include creating a brand new resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 

    The Standard package consists of 8 weeks of career coaching, email support, up to 30 customized job applications, up to 3 interview training sessions, and job searching and networking tactics.

    The Premium package consists of 16 weeks of career coaching support, email, and fortnightly phone consultations, up to 100 customized job applications, up to 10 interview training sessions, job searching, and networking tactics.

    The Unlimited package consists of unlimited weeks of career coaching, email and weekly phone consultations, unlimited customized job applications, unlimited interview training sessions, job searching, and networking tactics, internal network referrals, and FREE internship as a backup option. 

    University gives you the education you need but does not help prepare and train you for the job application. Having different packages tailored to your needs helps ensure you have a better chance of securing that dream job.

Platform Guarantee

iDibs will not charge any extra cost from any service purchase via our platform, and our refund policy will protect your payment according to different services.


Consulting Booking

Do you know you can chat with us via the Chatbot on the right directly!
Also, you can book a 15-minutes online consultation with us via the link below.

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