Using a Career Coach to get your dream job

Using a Career Coach to get your dream job

I am a Bachelor student in my final year who will graduate in less than six months. Even though I am excited to venture into the professional workforce, I am also aware of the pandemic that is still very much looming over the economy. With many businesses being affected by COVID-19 last year, the job market has gotten extra competitive ever since.

Author: Vania Octaviani 
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Let alone trying to secure a job these days — even in the pre-pandemic world, landing an entry-level position was already a daunting task for many graduates. On top of being a corona graduate, holding the limitations of a foreigner visa makes it more difficult to compete with the local talents. Is there even a chance for me to secure a job within the coming months? Did I come to build a better life in Australia only to leave as soon as a challenge presents itself? It’s not until I stumbled upon the career coaching services at iDibs that I started feeling more positive about my job prospects here.

Career coaching is a program where you receive guidance and mentorship from a career expert to achieve your career goals. Emerging graduates are often stressed and anxious about job searching, and usually, these emotions affect their productivity. Other than that, they also want to make good choices and build a path that leads to their dream job. All these things combined can make it very overwhelming to plan the right strategies. A career coach will help you tackle these challenges and set your footing in the professional world. Here are some of the things you will improve in your career coaching sessions.

1. Plan SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals for a better career growth

It is easy to feel stuck when you don’t have clear objectives. In most scenarios, it is always better to set specific objectives before you try to accomplish something — a fulfilling career is no exception to this! A career coach will use their industry knowledge and resources to help you define a strategic plan and execute the best tactics to achieve your goals. They will make sure that your goals stay within the SMART criteria, and there’s nothing better than a roadmap that brings you closer to your dream career.

2. Elevating your professional profile

There are many minor yet vital aspects that job seekers tend to overlook in their job searching process. For example: personalising their application, addressing the job requirements, or creating a profile with niche expertise. It is common for job seekers to send out a mass application in a frustrated ramble, but to get a positive response, you need to make sure that you present your best skills and abilities in the applications. A career coach will review your resume or even LinkedIn profile and tailor them to match your chosen job field to make you an outstanding candidate.

3. Discover the skills and qualities that are up to the industry standards

Understanding the things that you can offer to an employee is also a crucial part of your job application because it enables you to aim for a successful outcome. It is often tricky to identify your values as a prospective employee, especially when you are an international student in a foreign environment with limited experiences. Through career coaching, you will learn the industry standards in Australia and also recognise your best qualities as an individual. In the end, acknowledging your unique flairs and emphasising them in your application may help you stand out amongst other applicants.

4. Channel more confidence in your interviews

If looking for a job was a video game, your interview with the employer would be the final boss. It is often the most anticipated part of a job application because an interview is a final attempt to impress the employer and score the job offer. I have attended countless interviews since I arrived in Melbourne, and it is still a nerve-wracking experience for me. It is a pressure to present yourself in your best light, knowing that your fate is based on that 15-minute slot. A career coach will give you pointers to improve your attitude and presentation for a good interview.

5. Employ a better mindset to start your career plans

A career coach is not a therapist. But using their services is essential to have a healthier mindset in establishing your career. After all, career coaching helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses to understand yourself as an individual. Being aware of your capabilities may boost your motivation for the job searching process! As wisely said by the great scholar Samuel Johnson, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Starting in the professional world can be difficult, and career coaching is a solution to ease your experience. If you are hesitating about the costs, think about the time and energy you will save to land your first full-time job. Career coaching is one of the best investments you can make to improve your life in the long-term. By the end of your program, you will understand how to speak in a professional language, uphold your values, and get your foot in the door!

So, are you ready to start adulthood with a bang? Luckily, iDibs has partnered with the best career coaching programs in Australia, specially catered for international students. Head to and check it out!

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