Journal Entry: Restoring Ambition With A New Semester

Journal Entry: Restoring Ambition With A New Semester

Journal Entry: Restoring Ambition With A New Semester

Dear Journal,

Entering a fresh semester in 2021 is where I build the foundation for my career. I’m finally going to put myself out there and apply to all those jobs I’ve been eyeing. I promise that things will be better this time because it’s the perfect season for change. So here’s to new beginnings, growth, and greater opportunities. I can’t wait to get started.

Author: Grace Loke



After the gruelling year we’ve all had in this continuous battle against an unprecedented pandemic, most of us are probably stuck in an overwhelmingly discouraging funk; shaping us into victims of serial procrastination. How many times have you thought “maybe tomorrow” on a job application or said that you’d revamp your resume or reach out to a company, only to leave things as they are? Let’s be real, finding a job in this day and climate has been challenging (to say the least), so the hustle to stay motivated has been tougher than ever.

Setting your career goals and putting them into action are two very different things; and wait – the semester has already started? It’s already March?! 

Such big environmental shifts also introduce new norms and demands in preparation for the Australian workforce. If you feel like you’re falling behind, then the good news is that you are not alone and help is merely a click away!

Whether you’re a student looking for an internship, a graduate preparing for a job, or someone seeking irl experience, it’s time to explore your options and reinspire yourself. Don’t know where to start? Or lack the drive to do so? Here’s a little friendly nudge from us to you.


Sprucing up your resume

It can be difficult to showcase your strengths through a piece of paper, but creating a stellar resume is a strong first step to getting noticed. You might not think it’s that important at first, but your resume is all about making that great first impression!

However, this does not condone information dumping nor should you oversimplify. It also goes beyond content; coming down to the nitty-gritty details like structure, spelling, and even font (I wish someone told me this earlier).

Not sure how to write a resume? or wondering if your current one is industry-ready? Drake International offers high-quality resume checks (all FREE of course!) done by actual professionals who have information on the latest industry trends. Trust me, your next resume will be better than your last, you’re welcome in advance


Level up in life with some upskilling

What do video games and life have in common? To get to the next level, they both need EXP!

Whether you’re still a student, currently job hunting, or already employed, undergoing some additional training can only enhance your industry experience and improve your chances in today’s competitive market. It’s also a great way to show future employers of your initiative towards your career development. Check out the programs currently offered! They are super flexible and here’s a bonus: showcase your new big brain skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile!


Did someone say internship?

Internships equip students with valuable hands-on experience and can later help you land permanent positions in your field. However, these opportunities are often limited to residents and local citizens, leaving lesser room for internationals.

While this can be off-putting at first, it is still very possible to find other opportunities that fit your needs. With the help of our trusted partners and providers, various internship programs are available to push you in the right direction. If you’re still unsure, book a free consultation with us to find out more!


Exercising your work rights

Before you even enter the workforce, you should have a clear idea of what your job entails and your work entitlements as an international student (exploitation is a strict no-no).

If you haven’t already checked out our previous post on this, you can find all your answers here:


Kickstarting your career

As a fresh graduate, entering the workforce is like trying to merge into a lane on a busy highway for the first time. You will probably face the initial uncertainty and self-doubt when you encounter other drivers whizzing past you and rushing into lanes too. But when you check your mirrors and ease into the gas pedal, knowing that you’re safe and ready to go, you will naturally blend into traffic.

Similarly, the job application process can be daunting, but there is always help and support on standby for international job seekers like you!

We do so by providing you access to career support and coaching resources specially curated to strengthen your chances of employability. These personalised programs are led by industry experts who can give you an edge on your job applications, improve your interview skills, and provide overall support towards your professional journey. Here’s a link to get you started:

With the right guidance, proper preparation, and a great attitude, you’ll be driving on life’s highway like a pro!


Extra perks of a Professional Year

Calling all international graduates and job seekers, if you’re looking to gain some bonus points towards your Permanent Resident (PR) visa application while learning the ins and outs of Australian employment, taking a Professional Year Program is the right choice for you! These are generally longer professional programs, offering additional benefits to your regular internship opportunities and career coaching. Find out if you’re eligible today!


Scouting the scouters

Getting your foot in the door can be a daunting process but proactivity is essential! Events like career fairs and expos can give you an idea of the jobs currently available and how to pursue them. It is a good place for you to build connections with industry leaders and ask your burning questions to enhance your job prospects. Sharing the space with like-minded internationals who are also looking to expand their career options can give you a nice morale boost too!

Interested? Come say hi and be part of the network at our upcoming virtual career events happening really soon! Follow us on our social media to stay updated:




Adulting is an awkward phase in life of gaining agency, discovering your potential, and facing a greater set of challenges. If you’re struggling in any way or just keen to know more, we hear you and we’re here to help! All you have to do is take that step and reach out to us. Let’s support each other during this new sem (and beyond!) and push back on that “I’ll do it later” attitude together.


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