Get the right rental by knowing your rental rights!

Get the right rental by knowing your rental rights!

As an international, what are my rights when I am renting in Victoria? 
Bond Receipt? Condition reports? Repairs?
What's all that!? 

Author: Hao Teo 
Special thanks: Consumer Affairs Victoria


We know that it can get confusing, that is why the awesome people at Consumer Affairs Victoria have created a multi-lingual factsheet which will make everything easy to understand! 
Here are the Languages and Links! If you notice any inaccuracies in the languages, do let us or CAV (Consumer Affairs Victoria know)

Below are the links for the different translated languages!

 Each article includes important need-to-know information and videos such as:

1)           Beginning a tenancy 
2)           During a tenancy
3)           Urgent repairs             
4)           Non-urgent repairs
5)           Ending a tenancy         
6)           Important reminders
7)           Videos for internationals! 

Source: Rental rights English

It is essential that you learn your rights as you do not want certain issues to creep up on you during your period of study or stay in Australia!

Below are a few points you might want to look out for (TLDR version):

Starting a tenancy: 

  1. Get your Landlord or Agent’s details
  2. Ensure that the Bond is registered with the relevant government body
  3. Keep your Bond Receipt + Signed copy of the condition report (Keep it secret, keep it safe!)
  4. Inspect the place with the mind of a detective (e.g. make sure everything they promise works)

During a tenancy, it is your job to:

  1. Pay rent on time (Duh)
  2. Keep it reasonably clean (maybe clean it twice a week?)
  3. Do not alter without permission (E.g. Don’t paint the walls pink without permission)
  4. Peaceful living (esp with neighbours) with the occasional E.D.M party 
  5. Landlords can enter the property, but they must let you know 24 HOURS in advance (KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!)

Urgent Repairs:

  1. If it is legally an urgent repair, contact Landlord or agent DIRECTLY, who should respond immediately
  2. If you do not get a prompt response, you can authorise for up to $1,800
  3. Your landlord must pay you back 14 DAYS FROM the DATE OF NOTICE
  4. If you cannot afford to pay, or the repairs are more than $1,800 or your landlord refuses to pay (Grrr), Contact Consumers Affairs Victoria for FREE advice!

Non-urgent repairs:

  1. You can make a request in a letter or email to your landlord or agent (Once again, Keep a copy!)
  2. Contact CAV if your landlord has not done the repairs within 14 days of notice

Ending a tenancy:

  1. Inform your landlord in writing when you plan to leave (Notice differs so check the CAV website)
  2. Discuss the return of the bond
  3. DO NOT SIGN the bond claim form if you feel that the amount is unreasonable (If any difficulties, Contact CAV)
  4. DO NOT SIGN a Blank bond claim form
  5. Clean the property (Get a reputable Post-Rental cleaning if required) 
  6. Keep the condition report

Finishing touches: 

  1. Do not sign anything you don’t understand
  2. NEVER sign a blank form even if it looks official
  3. Keep a copy of anything you sign
  4. Get a receipt for anything you pay for
  5. Keep your Bond receipt and Condition report

For everything else, contact CAV which provides FREE advice if you have a rental problem or question.


#1 Solution For Internationals in Australia!

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