About DIBS

About Dibs

WHAT is Dibs?

Dibs is a One-Stop Solution platform which provides Accurate Information and Direct Solutions  for the needs of internationals in Australia.

Our aim is to help internationals live better in Australia during and after their education.

WHO is Dibs for? 

Dibs is the trusted adviser for internationals in Australia, with all services you need during your stay in Australia accessible in one platform. 

Whether you have just arrived in Australia, started studying, working or settling down in beautiful Australia, Dibs is here to support you every step of the way! 

The Dibs Team: 

The core team is made out of internationals too!
Currently, we have people from Vietnam, Singapore and China and we are always on the look out for talent wherever you are from! Find out more about us here

How does Dibs help me?

Users can now find Internships, get Migration advice and book Moving and Cleaning services through Dibs platform. 

Dibs will be delivering more relevant services to improve the experiences of internationals in Australia in the near future! Sign up for our newsletter below to keep in touch!