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How iDibs Works

iDibs works as a FREE Information Hub and Solution Aggregator, all on one platform. And yes, you read that right — Free!
NO Booking or Subscription Fees.

Our platform structure protects our users and ensures safety.


iDibs only brings Accountable service providers who meet iDibs' standards on our platform.


By having all kinds of services catered to internationals needs on one platform, iDibs brings Convenience to our user's fingertips.


Being the Trusted advisor of internationals, iDibs aims to protect internationals' benefits by creating a safe environment for each of you in Australia! 

What is iDibs?

iDibs is a FREE one-stop solution platform for internationals in Australia.

By providing the right resources via our platform, we hope to help
internationals to Live and Thrive in multicultural Australia.

The “i” in iDibs stands for International and Dibs is the ability for
internationals to call Dibs on what they need!

For more info, Talk to
our Chatbot (Dibberbot)! >>

Step 1

Find and Book
the service you require

Step 2

Pay via platform 
(if it is a paid service)

Step 3

Enjoy the service
(Quality Assured)


  • smile A great platform for international students. I love their services and the career suggestions they provide. I think it is quite useful for students who do not know how to find jobs in Australia or do not understand much Australian office culture. It is a bridge linking international students and local companies together.

    Yuchao Wu
  • A friend of mine recommended iDibs to me. I got in touch and they responded almost immediately. Booked an appointment to meet up and talk. I met with a string of bad events on my way to their office. I ended up reaching 45 minutes late and Hao was very understanding and met with me outside at a nearby tea place as the conference room was booked out, If this isn't good service, I don't know what is. Our conversation was very interesting and informative. He suggested changes in my resume and gave me ideas about how to approach professionals from my industry and generally what to do with professional life. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. 

    Afshan Fatima
  • Found a Migration agent on their platform and was very informative and useful.
    Managed to find what I needed and very satisfied with the result! 

    Vanessa Chan LY
  • IDibs provides useful, honest guidance. Co-founder Hao himself sat down to guide me through all my queries regarding the career options in Australia. Very friendly, honest and great service.
    I would definitely recommend IDibs as they truly care for International students.

    Shamantha M
  • Used iDibs for tour services and we got the Best offerings,
    Best customer support and even Better experience.
    10/10 Would recommend their services to anyone!

    Francita Fernandes
  • The moving out service was really quick and efficient and the price is pretty cheap.
    Also, the cleaning service staff were so friendly and cleaned up my apartment well.  
    I received my bond money in full.
    Definitely will recommend these services to my friends!

    Thomas John Wesly
  • iDibs provided me an internship opportunity which was really fun and helpful.
    I learnt a lot about marketing and they really advocated for
    internationals to gain experience and be job ready.
    With their guidance, I was able to get a job right after graduating!
    Duong Nguyen

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